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Is your current transportation management software costing your District money?
February 6th, 2016

Now, the new BusTracks® transportation system will help you increase your transportation reimbursement dollars.

Did you know that many school districts under-report their transportation utilization because of three key factors?

1) Under reporting approved reimbursable miles by using map miles, not actual miles. Don’t be fooled by only reporting miles produced by mapping software. This technique short- changes the District by not taking into account any off-road travel – such as through a school parking lot or other points not directly on a road. A study has shown that the average school parking lot exceeds ½ mile – so, even clipping ½ mile per run per day adds up.

2) Under reporting ridership by only taking a snapshot of ridership once a month. BusTracks analyzes rider changes every day the vehicle is on the road.

3) Not reporting special trips (such as late activity buses). The riders on these buses typically vary daily, making it hard for most systems to report this activity.

BusTracks pays attention to all those details that affect your reimbursement.

The system will help you increase your transportation reimbursement dollars because it calculates the actual approved daily miles and computes the greatest number of riders each day. Also, it makes it easy to report special trips.

To see the difference BusTracks can make in your District, call us today at 1-800-303-2921 or click below to contact us about a free demo.


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