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Is it possible to increase your Transportation Subsidy…and save time?
June 6th, 2016

Let us show you how with the exclusive BusTracks® transportation management software that was designed specifically for PA schools.

BusTracks has been described as “worth its weight in gold”, if only for its time-saving, subsidy-increasing reporting and tracking capabilities. Even those often under-reported special trips are included in BusTracks’ electronic upload function to feed directly into PDE’s eTran website.

BusTracks offers a proprietary, multiple-school calendar system that makes it simple to document actual bus usage, and an analysis function to report the highest allowable mileage and ridership statistics to maximize your transportation subsidy.

The exclusive audit trail function makes it easy to validate every student’s start and end ridership dates and secures that information for convenient access in future years.

To ensure full documented credit for all students transported during a given year, even withdrawn students are kept in the system to protect their transportation records for future audits.

And, since BusTracks was designed for PA schools and their auditors, the system makes it easy to retrieve information for past years quickly and accurately.

Let us show you how BusTracks can meet your District’s transportation management needs AND how quickly and easily it can be implemented.

What should you be asking before buying a new transportation software system?
March 6th, 2016

What is important to your District? Have you thought about how much this decision is really going to cost your district – in time and money? It is crucial to know the answers to these questions before committing:

Must we sign a contract and will we have access to our data if we change software systems?
Our answer:
No, and yes! BusTracks® is a complete transportation management system that was designed with Pennsylvania school districts in mind. If you decide to change systems, there is no penalty, because there is no contract. The data and access rights are yours in perpetuity – so, even if you decide to stop using BusTracks in the future, your district still has access rights (and software) to use the previous year’s information for audit purposes.

This is not the case for all transportation software systems! Your data may never be fully owned by you and you may not have access to it down the road.

How much time does it take for your school staff to be up and running?
Our answer:
Most staff members have multiple jobs – it is important that the learning curve be short. BusTracks provides on-site training – proven to be more effective than remote training. We can get you up and running quickly (average time is two weeks) to be fully implemented with your children on buses.

What is your district’s return on investment?
Our answer:
BusTracks maximizes your transportation return by focusing on the details that matter for PA re-imbursement purposes. We offer a superior audit trail (recognized as a “model” by some auditors) by generating a daily audit log for every day the vehicle is on the road. A complete history (with start and end dates for each rider assignment) is maintained for past and present school years. Actual daily ridership is automatically calculated and analyzed to maximize your return using PDE’s Sample Average method. BusTracks saves time and effort by performing all submission calculations (with error checking capabilities) to electronically submit into PDE’s etran system.

How easy is it to access information at multiple workstations?
Our answer:
No individual workstation license is required (either full access or read-only). BusTracks may be installed on as many workstations as needed and (because there is no exhaustive training involved) building secretaries, contractors, etc. can access information immediately.

All this (with a nationwide map) is provided for single annual support fee. No contracts. No penalties. And, BusTracks was designed to serve Pennsylvania schools.

To see the difference BusTracks can make in your district, call us today at 1-800-303-2921 or click below to contact us about a free demo.

Is your current transportation management software costing your District money?
February 6th, 2016

Now, the new BusTracks® transportation system will help you increase your transportation reimbursement dollars.

Did you know that many school districts under-report their transportation utilization because of three key factors?

1) Under reporting approved reimbursable miles by using map miles, not actual miles. Don’t be fooled by only reporting miles produced by mapping software. This technique short- changes the District by not taking into account any off-road travel – such as through a school parking lot or other points not directly on a road. A study has shown that the average school parking lot exceeds ½ mile – so, even clipping ½ mile per run per day adds up.

2) Under reporting ridership by only taking a snapshot of ridership once a month. BusTracks analyzes rider changes every day the vehicle is on the road.

3) Not reporting special trips (such as late activity buses). The riders on these buses typically vary daily, making it hard for most systems to report this activity.

BusTracks pays attention to all those details that affect your reimbursement.

The system will help you increase your transportation reimbursement dollars because it calculates the actual approved daily miles and computes the greatest number of riders each day. Also, it makes it easy to report special trips.

To see the difference BusTracks can make in your District, call us today at 1-800-303-2921 or click below to contact us about a free demo.

Save Time and Money.
January 6th, 2016

PDE Transportation Reimbursement reporting is EASY with BusTracks®, and we’ve got a proven record of increasing District reimbursements.

Tracking day-to-day student and bus information with BusTracks will eliminate those LONG, TEDIOUS hours of trying to maintain a complex transportation management system with a short staff.

This powerful tool assists staff in maintaining appropriate records to help provide LESS-STRESSFUL, MORE PROFITABLE daily operations, as well as offering a custom provision for handling of the financially important annual PDE Transportation Reimbursement report.

The District Transportation staff has a wide range of daily responsibilities: schedules must be accurately maintained and ridership documented to enhance the safety and efficiency of the route plans. BusTracks provides a powerful tool to help manage those daily operations with a minimal staff while providing maximum financial return from PDE.

You owe it to your district to find out more about this enhanced transportation system.

To see the difference BusTracks can make in your District, call us today at 1-800-303-2921 or click below to contact us about a free demo.

Preparing for the Upcoming School Year is Easy Using the Benefits of BusTracks!
June 26th, 2014

What’s happening this time of year with BusTracks® Transportation Management Software?

Did you know that BusTracks has a quick-start method for ensuring that you don’t have to wait for another department to close out the old year before BusTracks can automatically create new bus assignments for the new year? And, how about accessing previous years’ data for audit purposes?

BusTracks was designed with you in mind.

This easy-to-use system enables quick access to information in both the current year as well as all previous years. And, the BusTracks plan-ahead function means that you can use BusTracks to auto-assign students for the new year, prior to the closeout of the previous year. When working in the current year of BusTracks, preparing your system for the next school year is only a few, easy steps away. Revising routes, entering and assigning students, and managing bus loads can begin before those crazy days of summer arrive.

Now is the time to see the difference that BusTracks Transportation Management Software can make in improving the management of your transportation operations. Contact us today to get started with all of the benefits that BusTracks provides.

We can provide a smooth transition from your current data to BusTracks, along with optimal training and personalized customer service!

Reduce Your District’s Postage Expenses by Utilizing BusTracks’ Email Feature!
April 28th, 2014

We’ve just recently seen postage rates increase again. Districts everywhere are being affected by budget cuts and increasing expenses. BusTracks® can assist in reducing those expenditures.

Utilizing email addresses when notifying parents/guardians of student bus assignments can result in a great cost savings initiative. This process can be done efficiently when your SIS stores these email addresses. Once downloaded into BusTracks, the process saves not only postage expenses, but a tremendous amount of time!

As upcoming kindergartners and new students begin registering for the new school year, now is the time to begin preparations for managing the bus assignment notification process which can result in great cost savings. This is just one of many features that makes BusTracks unique. Find out more information by visiting our website or contacting us directly. We’d be happy to show you how BusTracks can help your school.

Learn how BusTracks can help your district.
Call us at 800-303-2921, or e-mail Jim at There is no charge for an Initial consultation or product demonstration.

Get an Early Start! Assigning Next Year’s New Students Can Begin NOW.
March 28th, 2014

Ever have to wait for the beginning of an ever-shortening summer season before preparing for the next school year? Now transportation management does not have to wait for one year to end before starting the next.

With the innovative BusTracks® transportation management system, you can enter new kindergarten students (and even put them on buses) before the close of the current year. This Early Registration feature does not interfere with BusTracks’ automated PDE reimbursement reporting process. It just makes managing transportation easier by preparing for the next year sooner.

For example, if your district sponsors a spring kindergarten registration, BusTracks’ portability allows quick, knowledgeable answers to parent’s transportation concerns, such as where and when can my child expect to meet the bus and how many riders are expected?

It’s easy. With Bustracks you can enter kindergarteners and other new students early to expedite the assignment, routing, and notification process. You don’t have to wait until summer to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Learn how BusTracks can help your district.
Call us at 800-303-2921, or e-mail Jim at There is no charge for an Initial consultation or product demonstration.

How would you like to take your buses off the road almost 6 hours per day — and not lose any ridership? Think of the advantage!
January 28th, 2014

With the help of its BusTracks transportation management system, the York County School of Technology was able to reduce individual rider times by using BusTracks’ resources. The software’s nationwide map was used to visualize where students live and how they currently get to the YCST campus. Time was saved by using a routing specialist from BusTracks to formalize the entire project.

“By using BusTracks and its electronic map we were able to see patterns that otherwise would have been overlooked” says Brian Gross, the center’s new transportation coordinator. “And, by using an outside professional we were able to save many hours of effort”, he continued.

This high-tech educational facility covers a large area that encompasses 9 school districts. “But, the tools provided by BusTracks helped bring the project down to manageable size”, says Kevin Warner, routing specialist with BusTracks. The entire job was completed in only 2 weeks.

Meet the Staff That Has Earned a 97% Satisfaction Rating.
October 8th, 2013

Ever call your TV or phone company and have to hit numbers, speak slowly to a robot, or wait on hold for hours at a time? Call us old-fashioned, but we think you deserve more. At BusTracks, when you call in, technology will not be answering your phone call. We promise a person, every time. In fact, our current clients are raving about our customer service team. So we’ve decided to introduce them. Below is the team that handles all questions, with care, each and every time.


Kevin is our specialist in Route Analysis and Redistricting.  He takes student and bus data from our customers, places those students/routes/stops on the nationwide DeLorme map software, and analyzes it for a more efficient plan.  When districts close a school, Kevin helps to reroute the overall scheme.  He also answers calls from customers to give them any support that they may need.



Kathy had no difficulty learning the Customer Support position, since she used BusTracks for several years at her previous position as Assistant Director of Transportation & Food Service at Bellefonte Area School District.  She assists our customers not only with the day-to-day questions about the operation of BusTracks, but she has also been helping them with year-end rollovers, state reports, updates, and  GPS data downloads, since September 2012.



You do not have to waste time going through a lengthy phone system, pressing “1” for English, and so on, when you call our office.  Jim Butler is the “real person” who will likely answer.  Jim manages the phone traffic and directs the calls to the appropriate person.  He also works with Kevin Warner on Route Analysis projects and does GPS support.



For any sales questions, including Software Sales and GPS Sales, Jim Filling is the man to contact. He can guide you through the many options that BusTracks has to offer your school. He works with Amy Mescia of Oscar Design Studio in Philadelphia, to successfully market the BusTracks products.

What can BusTracks do for your school district? The numbers show it all.
September 8th, 2013

Route analysis has become increasingly popular among our customers. Using BusTracks to perform a route analysis saves school districts thousands of dollars every year. In a study looking at three school districts, in which we helped them analyze their existing routes, we found the following results:

School District 1: Reduced Bus Runs from 67 to 57, reduced over all mileage 100,000 miles and reduced average ride time from 85 to 64 minutes. This saved over $300,000.

School District 2: Eliminated 4 Bus Runs and saved $135,000.

School District 3: Reduced Bus Runs from 30 to 25, reducing costs over $155,000.

BusTracks is more than just software. It is a complete transportation management program including personal service* and no hidden extra charges. Find out how we can help you with Route Analysis. Call us at 1-800-303-2921.
*Personal service that has earned a 97% satisfaction rating.

Call for a Demo: 1-800-303-2921