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Bustracks GPS PLUS System

A system that “out-tracks” all others.

The new GPS PLUS from BusTracks allows tracking routes, stops, and mileages with and without riders, thus eliminating driver distraction caused by the manual recording of odometer entries. This easy-to-use device fits on a key ring, does not require a cell phone contract, and is less expensive than many other GPS devices.

With BusTracks GPS PLUS, you can track bus speeds, times, and stop locations. Also, you can create and store history files for quick analysis of previously run bus routes.

BusTracks GPS PLUS has more to offer than a typical GPS product. These special features include:

  • Automatically tracks mileage with and without riders while requiring no driver intervention
  • Automates subsidy tracking with the etracks link to BusTracks, without requiring manual odometer entries
  • Routes buses that must travel beyond county borders, using a nationwide map
  • Allows after-the-fact bus performance analysis for any recorded time period
  • Portable unit can service more than one bus

To read more, download our product information sheet.

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