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Save Time and Money.
January 6th, 2016

PDE Transportation Reimbursement reporting is EASY with BusTracks®, and we’ve got a proven record of increasing District reimbursements.

Tracking day-to-day student and bus information with BusTracks will eliminate those LONG, TEDIOUS hours of trying to maintain a complex transportation management system with a short staff.

This powerful tool assists staff in maintaining appropriate records to help provide LESS-STRESSFUL, MORE PROFITABLE daily operations, as well as offering a custom provision for handling of the financially important annual PDE Transportation Reimbursement report.

The District Transportation staff has a wide range of daily responsibilities: schedules must be accurately maintained and ridership documented to enhance the safety and efficiency of the route plans. BusTracks provides a powerful tool to help manage those daily operations with a minimal staff while providing maximum financial return from PDE.

You owe it to your district to find out more about this enhanced transportation system.

To see the difference BusTracks can make in your District, call us today at 1-800-303-2921 or click below to contact us about a free demo.


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