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What can BusTracks do for your school district? The numbers show it all.
September 8th, 2013

Route analysis has become increasingly popular among our customers. Using BusTracks to perform a route analysis saves school districts thousands of dollars every year. In a study looking at three school districts, in which we helped them analyze their existing routes, we found the following results:

School District 1: Reduced Bus Runs from 67 to 57, reduced over all mileage 100,000 miles and reduced average ride time from 85 to 64 minutes. This saved over $300,000.

School District 2: Eliminated 4 Bus Runs and saved $135,000.

School District 3: Reduced Bus Runs from 30 to 25, reducing costs over $155,000.

BusTracks is more than just software. It is a complete transportation management program including personal service* and no hidden extra charges. Find out how we can help you with Route Analysis. Call us at 1-800-303-2921.
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